Salvatore Ferragamo | Signorina eleganza or misteriosa?

I love Salvatore Ferragamo and if I didn’t say it in my last post about make-up and beauty (here the link),  I’m really sorry. I say it now twice. I love Salvatore Ferragamo! It’s true that for the moment I don’t have many things from him, but I hope in the future to possess more. In today post I … More Salvatore Ferragamo | Signorina eleganza or misteriosa?

How to stay positive

Have you ever asked yourself why you must be positive about life? Well, if you didn’t you should. Our mental health is so important because it will define our personality, our choices and our life, so the first step in having a good and peaceful life is to have a good mental health because everything … More How to stay positive

Brașov or Kronstadt (Travelling in Romania)

I saw you guys like this kind of posts about travelling in Romania, so I decided today to present you Brașov or Kronstadt (in German). German colonists known as the Transylvanian Saxons played a decisive role in Brașov’s development. These Germans were invited by Hungarian kings to develop towns, build mines, and cultivate the land of Transylvania at different stages between 1141 … More Brașov or Kronstadt (Travelling in Romania)

Romania’s beauty

I know it took a long time since I wrote something, but Autumn is a busy season. Why? I think I figured it out. After a summer with so much traveling and hot days, the cold weather comes in and we kinda want to do more – to work more, to enjoy doing stuff, because we are … More Romania’s beauty