Salvatore Ferragamo | Signorina eleganza or misteriosa?


I love Salvatore Ferragamo and if I didn’t say it in my last post about make-up and beauty (here the link),  I’m really sorry. I say it now twice. I love Salvatore Ferragamo! It’s true that for the moment I don’t have many things from him, but I hope in the future to possess more.

In today post I want to present you two fragrance. One is discreet and full of refinement, elegant and tender; the other one is about secrets, the hidden mysteries of a girl; a strong core which will reflect your personality.

The first one is Signorina Eleganza

  • top notes: pear
  • middle notes: almonds, osmanthus heterophyllus
  • base motes: patchouli, skin


The second one is Signorina Misteriosa

  • top notes: extract from bitter orange, blackberries
  • middle notes: orange flowers, tuberose
  • base motes: milk foam, patchouli


I really love both and I can’t choose just one of them. It depends so much on my mood in that day – sometimes I want to be energetic and elegant, full of life and I tend to use Signorina Eleganza, but sometimes I just want to listen to music and observe the world around me without interact too much, this is where Signorina Misteriosa comes in.

What do you think about them? What fragrance do you use? What are you going to do this holiday? Tell me everything! Hahaha!

Have a wonderful holiday!


Instagram: linaa_1803

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