Ciao, Palermo!

If there is a place I would like to visit again, that’s Palermo.


It was a new experience for me to go to Sicily. I’ve heard many things, many stories, but I’ve made the decision to choose what’s good from them.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Palermo it was the architecture, quite different from the parts where I grew up, and then I saw the palm trees, the beautiful palm trees that gave a tropical vibe to the landscape.



We’ve been able to visit many beautiful places, and we’ve come to the conclusion that bad things can happen everywhere, bad people exist everywhere, but that should not prevent you from seeing the beauties of the world until it’s too late.

The most thing I liked it was Cattedrale di Palermo. It has been and will remain the first on my list of favorite  buildings and I think it is the first attraction you should visit.



I had the courage to walk to Monreale (11 km) to admire the city properly. I have discovered many beautiful places and I hope that the pictures will speak for me.







The last night we spent it on the seafront of the Tyrrhenian Sea, where it is arranged a  large green space, a park. They do not have a beach, but that did not bother us.


What do you think? Did you visit Sicily? What wonderful places did you visit this summer?



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