4 tips to start a healthy and active lifestyle

We all know that the most important thing in doing something it’s to enjoy it otherwise the temptation to give up is huge. Been there, done that.

1. You should change the word MUST with WANT.

Instead you say “I must do…” you should say “I want to do…”. But why I want to do this? You need to find these reasons and along with them to start your plan. I do this because I know it’s good for my future, I feel amazing when I have an active day and because all those worries and anxiety disappear, for example when I start running.

2. Even if it’s important to think about your future you must live in the present.

In the most of the time we think about what will happen because of all those situations we’ve been through and we tend to become nervous and anxious. I’m a master of this situations, but I’ve learned to control it and to live in the present and it’s so simple. In the first place you need to be organised so you can finish what you have to do in time then you can relax a little. In the second place and the most important it’s to choose 4-5 sensations that you feel in this moment and to meditate about them. Maybe is about a hot cup of tea and you feel the warm in your hands, maybe is a soft blanket or a scent. All these things will bring you to the present and is a simple way to relieve stress and enjoy little moments.


3. Start with small steps.

Long-term changes don’t happen overnight. Try to quit one unhealthy thing per month. The first thing I’ve quit it was fast food, because I’ve knew it’s an easy change. After this it was the sugars, potato chips and soda. The hardest things to quit because all of my friends consume these often.

4. Listen to your body.

Because it’s a hard and long journey I think you can do some mistakes but for them you MUST work twice as hard as usual.

I don’t think it will be an easy journey, but I think we can do it. I truly believe that in a such polluted world with such a bad education, you want to be above this, you want to be responsible and educated and your children to be the same as you. It’s the only way to save our Earth too.



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