Brașov or Kronstadt (Travelling in Romania)

I saw you guys like this kind of posts about travelling in Romania, so I decided today to present you Brașov or Kronstadt (in German). German colonists known as the Transylvanian Saxons played a decisive role in Brașov’s development. These Germans were invited by Hungarian kings to develop towns, build mines, and cultivate the land of Transylvania at different stages between 1141 … More Brașov or Kronstadt (Travelling in Romania)

Romania’s beauty

I know it took a long time since I wrote something, but Autumn is a busy season. Why? I think I figured it out. After a summer with so much traveling and hot days, the cold weather comes in and we kinda want to do more – to work more, to enjoy doing stuff, because we are … More Romania’s beauty

Autumn asthenia

Maybe asthenia is something bad and everybody wants to cure it, but I kinda like it.  Today I started my day in a way that reminded me of some old good memories. I woke up at 7am and, away from my phone, I ate my breakfast outside in the garden. I enjoyed the silence and the … More Autumn asthenia